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Quality Installation, Cleaning, & Repair of Flooring at a Fair Price

Snapshots of process during cleaning of rental property, showing heavily soiling and traffic wear.

Floormart is a botique flooring company that thinks of the larger whole or vision for your project, including budget, scheduling, and the many little details often left aside. ("The extra steps.") We visit you at your home to provide at-your-door review of samples and colors to match your house or project vision, free in-home assessment, estimates* and consultation, and prices hard to match because we have the rare ability to purchase directly from manufacturers rather than outlets for contractors. < Chron.com: "Differences Between Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers.">

Our normal customer profile is an experienced professional, often a builder, real estate professional, contractor, or other provider who demands recurring**, no-hassle, worry-free services by experienced trades and business persons to ensure excellence (every time) and--what only regular customers can truly discern--premium results. We live our work and are tradesmen who are not merely laborers but advisors on a variety of projects for a variety of demands and a variety of tastes and interests.

** Consequently, we rarely advertise--and haven't maintained a website in years. While this site provides information about our team and services, it is meant to provide you a means to contact us for information and, by interacting with prospective customers or purchasers of flooring and related materials and services, answer questions and build a repository useful to anyone who might ever have a flooring or relevant need in regards their home or abode.

Floormart is licensed, insured, bonded, and well-known throughout the Metro Denver and Colorado; we are proud to work only with the best tradesmen and to hold have relationships with some of the best possible partners to obtain fantastic project results.

Call us today to discuss your project, budgeting requirements, concerns, or just ask a bunch of questions--and to see why we hold a large base of loyal customers** who calls us not for months, not years, but in some cases, decades.

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